Tuesday, December 16, 2014

JHook Photography photos of Arch Enemy in their website! :D

So, it's 10.45 PM here in Finland atm, I'm just about to head to bed and get some sleep..
I figured I'd browse through the sad news of the day quickly..

Through different misplaced clicks and search words.. I end up finding my photographs from Arch Enemy's show in Pakkahuone, Tampere, Finland, in their website (Khaos Galleries).. Which they had permission to do, but I never got a response, so I kind of assumed they didn't use them.

But it still feels pretty damn nice to get my photos to be showcased in a bands website as big as Arch Enemy!

Damn, this really made my day :D

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Summer holiday @ my parent's summer cabin (Update #1)

So.. Here goes..

I arrived saturday with my dog, car packed pretty much as full as it can be.
I had high hopes about doing astrophotography all week.. but since it's freakin' +10C and raining all the time.. those hopes have pretty much crumbled to the ground.

Instead, I've done some light-painting -photography (well, tried atleast, as it is not all that familiar to me).

Looking at the forecast, it seems tomorrow would be chilly enough to not rain during the darkest hours, which in here is currently from 6pm - 6am.
Hopefully I'll get around exploring the swamp as well, tomorrow that is.

All in all, I've enjoyed the hell out of my vacation. It's been a complete detachment from the regular weeks..

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week of summer holiday!

Next week!
The whole of next week is reserved to me and my dog. Leaving towards my parents summer cottage this Saturday morning, hopefully early, to spend almost a week there.

Going to be hiking during day and night with my camera.. Hopefully capturing photos of wildlife, landscape (swamp) and the stars.

This time, I've got a new toy, the Sj4000-action cam, that I hope I'll remember and get to utilize.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New look for the website @ www.jhookphotography.com

New look for the website as of today.

I came to the conclusion, that the previous website did not work.
So I started from scratch. 
I'm still using Google Sites and Google Drive, because they are free and very promising (to a point).
Google could integrate GDrive a bit better, allowing users to make more dynamic pages, but it'll do just fine for now.

I purchased a 1 year subscription of 'kuvat.fi', when I noticed that they allow a custom domain.
Everything in their site was in Finnish and that, in my opinion, allows more error in wording..
It turned out what they ment, was "they allow the user to change the sub-domain", you can only use a custom domain in their priciest subscription.. which is no good for a hobbyist like me (who does not get paid for photography, not yet atleast).

So I contacted their customer support and asked for a refund and a cancellation of my subscription.
Only after a bit of explaining, they finally agreed for a refund & subscription cancellation.

The new look & feel of the website is intended to provide a Portfolio -style home-page,
with links to my videos on Youtube (playlist), links to other places I publish my photographs in and contact information.

I've already tested the website on PC (Chrome & FF), Android-tablet (Chrome), Android-phone (Chrome).. obviously works best on PC, but if you don't take in to consideration the couple minor bugs, also works just as fine on Android.

Give me some feedback how it works on other platforms / OS's aswell.

I've also decided to start using Flickr to post most of my photographs in.
This simply due to the massive free data storage they provide (1Tb).

3rd thing I've kind of decided, is to drop the Finnish language, atleast for now, atleast from these blogposts.
This gives me the freedom to think & type faster, means more frequent blogposts.
I might do Finnish & English blogposts separately however.

4th thing that happened, is that I purchased a Tokina 11-16mm DX -lens for my D7100, no.. it's not the DX II, it's the older one.

5th thing.. I purchased a preowned SJ4000 for 50€, which I will be using for video in the future.

6th thing that hasn't yet happened, but will in a couple of weeks. I still have a week of my summer holiday left, which I wanted to save up for the darker times in Finland, hoping to catch a lot of astrophotography.
Week #45 is just me & my dog out in my parents summer cabin hiking day & hiking night, taking photos & capturing video.
I wish I would have thought about ordering the harness for the GoPro for my dog earlier, now it wouldn't arrive on time.. so that'll have to wait. Also, it costs a crapload of money.. 50€ + shipping.. for a couple straps with a mount.

Well.. I think that's about it for now, stay tuned.. keep in contact and so on. 
I'd love to hear from you as well.. 

What have you been up to / plan to do in the near past or far future?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Arch Enemy @ Tampere last night

So, I noticed awhile ago that Arch Enemy ( have listened to them pretty much from the start ) was coming to Tampere, Finland.

I obviously wanted to go.. but since I'm into photography nowadays, I also wondered would it be possible to take my camera along. I contacted AE's European press-person and about a week later I was contacted their promoter from Finland, giving me the green light to take my camera with me.

So, last night was it.. you can see the results from my website.

Give me some feedback, if you're not too scared to do so :D

I ended up taking a shoulder bag, my D7100, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, Sigma 15mm f/2.8, Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D

I'm still in hopes of getting a D700 & a wide angle zoom f/2.8 & 24-70mm f/2.8 & 70-200mm f/2.8 stabilized.. maybe someday when I win the lottery.. But for now these are my widest aperture lenses.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Last night was HOT! | Viime yö oli KUUMA!

As many of you might know, hell.. many of you might even feel exactly the same as I do..
Us northeners, or atleast us Finns, or atleast me, aren't made up to cope with the heatwaves currently ravaging Finland. Summer.. bleh.. way too hot for me.

It starts heating up around 7 AM and the much expected cooling starts at around 11 PM during summer.
I live in a 2 room apartment with my girlfriend and my dog, with only 2 windows and a balcony (ground level). Both of the windows face the same side of the building, so I can't get the draft inside that I'd like during this time of the year.

To the point of this post..
I woke up at around 1.30 AM last night, sweaty all over and I knew this wasn't going to be an easy night to get any more sleep. I went outside for a smoke.. noticed my dog wobbling from the bedroom to accompany me, she was also hot as hell.

So I did what I usually do when I can't sleep and see that my dog is in agony also (because of the heat)..
I packed up my camera bag, jumped in the car with my dog, my girlfriend was fast asleep because she had work in the morning ( I'm still on my summer holiday for the rest of the week).

I headed out to Rajasalmen Silta, in Pirkkala, Finland. About 10km from where I live.
Parked the car and started looking for a cool place to sit my backside and plant my tripod in.

The rest is visible in my website, with a sample as an attachment in this post.
The picture you see in this blog post is a 6 -picture panoramic, taken with a Nikon D7100 & Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX lens

I hope you enjoy.


Moni saattaa tietää, moni saattaa jopa olla samaa mieltä kanssani..
Meitä pohjoismaalaisia, tai ainakaan meitä Suomalaisia, tai ainakaan minua, ei ole tehty kestämään näitä helleaaltoja jotka viime viikoina ovat kiusanneet Suomea. Aivan liian kuumaa minulle.

Ilman lämpiäminen alkaa jo klo. 07 aikoihin ja viilenemistäkin saa odotella n. klo.23 asti kesäaikana..
Asun avovaimoni ja koirani kanssa kerrostalokaksiossa, löytyy jopa 2 ikkunaa ja parveke (maantasalla).
Molemmat ikkunat ovat samaan suuntaan, joten en saa huoneistoon edes kauan kaivattua läpivetoa, joka todella olisi tarpeen.

Blogipostaamisen pointtiin..
Heräsin viime yönä n. klo. 01.30, hikisenä kuin uitettu koira ja tajusinkin heti, että tänä yönä ei varmaan enää nukuta. Painuin parvekkeelle tupakalle, huomasin koirani vaappuvan makuuhuoneesta olohuoneeseen ja parvekkeelle, näytti olevan kanssa tuskaisen kuumissaan..

Pakkasin kameralaukun ja hyppäsin koiran kanssa autoon, avovaimo oli täydessä unessa koska hänellä oli aamulla töitä. Itse olen vielä tämän viikon kesälomalla.

Suuntasin kohti Rajasalmen Siltaa Pirkkalassa, joka sijaitsee n.10km päässä asunnostani.
Parkkeerasin auton ja ryhdyin etsimään mukavaa viileää paikkaa johon voisin istuttaa takapuoleni ja kolmijalkani.

Loppu onkin nähtävissä kotisivuillani, josta tässä blogissa pieni maistiainen.
Tässä nähtävä kuva on 6 -kuvan panoraama, kuvattuna Nikon D7100:lla & Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX -linssillä.

Toivottavasti pidät.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Vapaa Nekala - rally/festival yesterday | Vapaa Nekala - mielenosoitus/festivaali eilen

I decided to pack my camera gear to my trusty camera backpack and head out to Nekala, Tampere, Finland yesterday to see what was going on.

I took my tripod, 80-400mm lens, 18-125mm lens, 35mm & 50mm lens.. but ended up using pretty much only my 80-400mm lens. Took about 1400 pictures (with just one battery by the way) and ended up using 111 of them.

The whole protest/festival took place between 3pm and 10pm

More photographs can be found in my website.


Päätin pakata kamerakamppeet reppuun ja suunnata kohti Tampereen Nekalaa eilen, nähdäkseni mitä siellä oikein tapahtuu.

Otin mukaan kolmijalan, 80-400mm linssin, 18-125mm linssin, 35mm & 50mm linssit.. mutta päädyin käyttämään lähes ainoastaan 80-400mm linssiä.
Kokonaisuudessaan otin miltei 1400 kuvaa (vain yhdellä akulla muuten) ja päädyin käyttämään 111 niistä.

Koko mielenosoitus/festivaali kesti 15.00-22.00

Lisää valokuvia kotisivuiltani.


Friday, August 01, 2014

New photos / Uusia valokuvia

I went out to the balcony for a smoke sometime just past midnight and noticed the beautiful colors in the sky.

I packed my Hazard 4 Evac Photo Recon - camera backpack, jumped in my car and headed to Rauhaniemi, Tampere, Finland to take some photos.

With me I took my 35mm & 50mm f/1.8G and f/1.8D, 15mm f/2.8, Giga T Pro wireless transmitter/receiver and just in case my wired intervalometer aswell as a backup.

There were a couple of teenagers with their mopeds, apparently out for a midnight swim.. but they were no bother to anyone really.

In total, I spent just over 2 hours there, taking about 50 photos, which less than 10 were good.

On site, it was so beautiful that it felt less than 2 hours.


Menin piakkoin puolenyön jälkeen parvekkeelle tupakalle ja huomasin taivaalla harvinaisen kauniit värit.

Pakkasin Hazard 4 Evac Photo Recon -kamerareppuni, hyppäsin autoon ja suuntasin kohti Rauhaniemeä, Tampereella.

Mukaani otin 35mm & 50mm f/1.8G ja f/1.8D, 15mm f/2.8, Giga T Pro langattoman lähettimen/vastaanottimen ja kaiken varalta langallisen intervalometrin myös.

Paikan päällä oli muutama teini-ikäinen mopoineen, ilmeisesti keskiyön uinnilla, mutta he olivat täysin harmittomia.

Kaiken kaikkiaan vietin yli 2 tuntia paikan päällä, ottaen noin 50 valokuvaa, joista alle 10 onnistui.

Paikan päällä oli niin kaunista, että aika kului huomaamatta.


Monday, July 21, 2014

New telephoto lens acquired / Uusi tele-linssi hommattu

So, I was out shooting in Jänissaari, Tampere, Finland yesterday..
Got some timelapse footage, and when my 2 memory cards were full, I wanted to take photographs of the passing boats. So I took my trusty Sigma 70-300mm (the only and longest lens I had) and started shooting.

Alltough the lens provides the means to get great pictures.. It doesn't have any kind of image stabilization in it.

So I started browsing the internet last evening and noticed that there was a Nikon 80-400mm lens for sale in Tampere. Sent the seller a message and he called me back pretty much within 15min.
We managed to make a deal that satisfied both parties.
I got the lens (Nikon ED AF VR-Nikkor 80-400 1:4.5-5.6D) + Nikon L37c 77mm UV-filter + lens collar & hood + carrying pouch.. and he got my money.. Tested the lens out before transaction and I must say, I was pretty impressed.

So now I need to sell the Sigma 70-300mm (with macro) away..
The price I had in mind is 90€ if you come & get it.
The package includes:
Lens itself, uv-filter (cheap chinese), cpl-filter (cheap chinese), lens hood, front and back plugs.
I'll put it up on huuto.net later this week, unless I get a sale earlier.


Kuten eilen mainitsin, olin Tampereen Jänissaaressa kuvailemassa eilisen päivän.
Tuli timelapse materiaalia 2 muistikortillista, niiden täyttyessä päätin räpsiä valokuvia ohimenevistä veneistä.
Kaivoin tutun ja turvallisen Sigman 70-300mm linssin laukusta ja aloitin räpsimään.

Vaikkakin ko. linssi antaa mahtavat puitteet hyville valokuville, siinä ei kuitenkaan ole minkäänlaisia kuvanvakautus -systeemejä.

Alkuillasta rupesin tutkimaan internettiä paremman linssin toivossa. Huomasinkin että Tampereella oli myytävänä Nikonin 80-400mm linssi. Laitoin myyjälle viestiä ja vartin sisään hän jo sieltä soittikin.
Saatiin sovittua hinta, joka miellytti molempia osapuolia.
Itse sain linssin (Nikon ED AF VR-Nikkor 80-400 1:4.5-5.6D) + Nikon L37c 77mm UV-filtterin + jalustapannan + vastavalosuojan + kantopussin.. ja hän sai rahani..
Testasin muutaman otoksen verran ennen kuin raha vaihtoi omistajaa. Täytyy myöntää, että olin erittäin vaikuttunut.

Seuraavaksi jääkin myydä tuo Sigma 70-300mm macro-toiminnolla oleva linssi pois.. Hinnaksi olin ajatellut 90€ noudettuna. Pakettiin kuuluu:
Linssi, uv-filter (halpa kiinalainen), cpl-filtteri (halpa kiinalainen), vastavalosuoja, etu- ja takatulpat.
Linssi menee huuto.nettiin myöhemmin tällä viikolla, ellei kaupat tapahdu jo aiemmin.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New timelapse footage! / Uutta timelapse materiaalia!

A new time lapse video footage recorded today.
I was out spending the day with my girlfriend and my dog in Jänissaari, Tampere, Finland.

Hopefully I have time to make it into a video tomorrow, but if not, the video will be uploaded to YouTube early next week.

Next weeks plans include:

Monday: preparing for a quick trip to Vaasa, Finland

Tuesday / Wednesday: Leaving towards Vaasa early in the morning and taking the dog to a friends place (no AC in the car).

Thursday: Unpacking & cleaning, transferring photographs to HDD, getting the dog back home, store run etc.. the usual.

Friday: Heading out to my parents house in Salo, Finland. Leaving the dog there for a couple of hours and then leaving to Helsinki, Finland for a couple of hours to visit Varusteleka (www.varusteleka.com), driving back to Salo.

Saturday: Heading out to 'Down By The Laituri' (DBTL) in Turku, Finland.

Sunday: Back home.. unpack etc..

Busy week.. the sad side is that its the only week me and my girlfriend have summer holiday at the same time this year.

Uuden time lapse videon materiaali taltioitu tänään.
Olin tyttöystävän ja koiran kanssa viettämässä päivää Jänissaaressa, Tampereella.

Toivottavasti ehdin saamaan huomisen aikana valmiiksi, mutta jos en, saan sen valmiiksi seuraavan viikon alussa ja lataan sen YouTubeen.

Ensiviikon suunnitelmat pääpiirteittäin:

Maanantai: Valmistaudutaan pikareissuun Vaasaan.

Tiistai / Keskiviikko: Lähdetään aamusta aikaisin kohti Vaasaa, koirakin pitää viedä kaverille ( koska autossa ei ilmastointia ).

Torstai: Puretaan kamppeita, siivotaan/pyykätään, kuvien siirtoa kovalevylle, koira takaisin kotiin, kauppareissu jne.. niitä tavallisia.

Perjantai: Kohti vanhempieni kotia Saloon. Koira jää sinne muutamaksi tunniksi kun käydään Helsingissä Varustelekan myymälässä (www.varusteleka.fi), ajellaan takaisin Saloon.

Lauantai: Kohti Turun 'Down By The Laituri':a (DBTL).

Sunnuntai: Takaisin kotia kohti Tampereelle.. tavaroiden purkamista jne.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Website up / Nettisivut toiminnassa

Go check www.jhookphotography.com for the site, running on Google Sites.

Käyppä kurkkaamassa www.jhookphotography.com nettisivuja, jotka pyörii Google Sitesilla.

Testing / Kokeilua

Let's try this Blogger out!

Kokeillaampa tätä Bloggeria!