Saturday, October 11, 2014

New look for the website @

New look for the website as of today.

I came to the conclusion, that the previous website did not work.
So I started from scratch. 
I'm still using Google Sites and Google Drive, because they are free and very promising (to a point).
Google could integrate GDrive a bit better, allowing users to make more dynamic pages, but it'll do just fine for now.

I purchased a 1 year subscription of '', when I noticed that they allow a custom domain.
Everything in their site was in Finnish and that, in my opinion, allows more error in wording..
It turned out what they ment, was "they allow the user to change the sub-domain", you can only use a custom domain in their priciest subscription.. which is no good for a hobbyist like me (who does not get paid for photography, not yet atleast).

So I contacted their customer support and asked for a refund and a cancellation of my subscription.
Only after a bit of explaining, they finally agreed for a refund & subscription cancellation.

The new look & feel of the website is intended to provide a Portfolio -style home-page,
with links to my videos on Youtube (playlist), links to other places I publish my photographs in and contact information.

I've already tested the website on PC (Chrome & FF), Android-tablet (Chrome), Android-phone (Chrome).. obviously works best on PC, but if you don't take in to consideration the couple minor bugs, also works just as fine on Android.

Give me some feedback how it works on other platforms / OS's aswell.

I've also decided to start using Flickr to post most of my photographs in.
This simply due to the massive free data storage they provide (1Tb).

3rd thing I've kind of decided, is to drop the Finnish language, atleast for now, atleast from these blogposts.
This gives me the freedom to think & type faster, means more frequent blogposts.
I might do Finnish & English blogposts separately however.

4th thing that happened, is that I purchased a Tokina 11-16mm DX -lens for my D7100, no.. it's not the DX II, it's the older one.

5th thing.. I purchased a preowned SJ4000 for 50€, which I will be using for video in the future.

6th thing that hasn't yet happened, but will in a couple of weeks. I still have a week of my summer holiday left, which I wanted to save up for the darker times in Finland, hoping to catch a lot of astrophotography.
Week #45 is just me & my dog out in my parents summer cabin hiking day & hiking night, taking photos & capturing video.
I wish I would have thought about ordering the harness for the GoPro for my dog earlier, now it wouldn't arrive on time.. so that'll have to wait. Also, it costs a crapload of money.. 50€ + shipping.. for a couple straps with a mount.

Well.. I think that's about it for now, stay tuned.. keep in contact and so on. 
I'd love to hear from you as well.. 

What have you been up to / plan to do in the near past or far future?

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