Saturday, January 10, 2015

New year, new post..

JHook Photography

First of all, I need to apologize for not posting for awhile.

A lot has happened since my last update.
After I got back from my parents's summer cabin back in November, I edited the photos and the light-painting video, uploaded them, got back to work and continued onwards in life as usual.
However, early December I was presented with an opportunity to purchase a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VR-ED lens with a bargain of a price (no, it wasn't stolen or broken). So, I managed to procure enough cash to get it (beast for a lens by the way).
Also, I ended up giving 200€ to charity during christmass, for 2 families with small children and in need of assistance.

This week was also pretty hectic, monday (Jan. 5th) it was -22celsius, almost full moon and completely clear skies, so me and the missus headed out to Siikaneva National Park in Ruovesi, Finland to enjoy fresh air and the scenery next to a bonfire. Ended up making a short timelapse of it.
This gave me the idea, to get a second dslr as another point of view next to my D7100.

Today I found a good deal..
A Nikon D300 (53k shutter count), Nikon battery grip, 2 Nikon chargers and 3 Nikon batteries.. for a bargain.
Ordered a cheapo intervalometer and a 32gb cf card from ebay aswell.

Hobo, my mixed breed dog also turned 4 on Dec. 26th, she got to do her favorite things.. running, eating lamb-bones and going to a hot sauna with me.

I kinda made a couple new year's resolutions aswell:
I will up my photography a notch and be more active in social media regarding my photography.
Get out to take pictures/timelapse/video even more.
Eat atleast a bit helthier.
Spend more time with my girlfriend (hopefully combining all of the above at the same time).

What kind of resolutions/goals did you make for yourself for this year and/or the future?

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