Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weirdest thing with my cameras

I recently bought a used D300 along with some accesories. The camera worked like new, So I wanted to take it out for a spin.. I took about 700 frames of timelapse footage with the optimal settings (or what I considered optimal when checking the frames in-camera).

I was not impressed at all, I understand tha the D300 is much older than the D7100 that I'm used to at the moment.

I felt like I had no choice than to get rid of it, fortunately I managed to get the same amount from it, than what I paid.

Now, come sunday, I'll be getting a used D7000..

Oh, also, I bought Kenko's extension tube set.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Surgical operation finished..

So.. last friday I had an operation done on my left earleaf.. because it kept getting infected for some reason.

At first I was supposed to go to TAYS for the operation, but apparently there had been an error (human or other) with the reservation of the operating room. I ended up having to go to Valkeakoski for the operation.

The operation itself was over in about 30 minutes. Fortunately they did not make me sleep during it.

Funny thing, in my opinion, was that there was no interview with the surgeon regarding the sick-leave required to have it heal enough for me to get back to work.. they just wrote 2 days (friday and saturday) and told me to go to my doctor paid by my employer on monday.

So, I ended up taking painkillers for the weekend (Panacod & 800mg Burana) along with antibiotics (Kefexin).

Monday I headed out to Mehiläinen (which is the healthcare paid by my employer) to see the doctor. He noticed slight bleeding from the wound and gave me 2 days of sick-leave..

Today, I'm back at work, still eating antibiotics and painkillers, but had to skip out on Panacod because of work. I had to take a bit more of Burana to compensate.
Obviously it still hurts like a b***h, but I also noticed slight bleeding this morning.

But hey, the doc knows best, eh?
Can't be bothered to go back the for this..
Hopefully it'll heal. Stitches get taken out this friday.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Clear skies at LAST!

Last night was the first good clear sky -night in a long time.. So obviously I was eager to head out with my cameras.

We, my girlfriend and me, decided to combine 2 trips (as we like to do), so we headed out to her parents in Juupajoki, Finland.

I took my Nikon D300, D7100 and my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition with me, along with some warm clothes obviously and made sure that the batteries were charged and cards emptied.

The GoPro was tasked to record timelapse footage (0.5 and 1 sec intervals, depending on the time of day), inside the car.
The DSLR's were tasked to record timelapse footage in the woods, which was pretty much completely  dark.. some minor light pollution in the horizon from the direction of Tampere though.

Anyways.. I will have some footage to show, as soon as I have the time to look through them and edit/upload them.