Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Update & DIY Tutorial (Lenskirt)

It's been awhile, there's no denying that.
But if you follow me on other social networks (links on the website), you've noticed that I've not been away exactly.

Anyways, on to the point.. Which Today is a DIY Lenskirt, where "DIY" means "Do It Yourself" and "Lenskirt" is something that blocks the light and reduces or removes reflections when photographing through a window.. usually meaning from inside to outside.

I bought some materials essential to the project:

Black ripstop-material meant for kites ( roughly 1.5m x 1m = 5.5€ )
Clear suction cups ( 10 pcs = 1.6€ )
Safety pins ( 50 pcs ina box = 2.5€ )
Super Glue ( had some lying around the apartment )
Duct Tape ( never be without some )

I began by cutting an appropriate size single piece from the fabric, which ended up being about
50cm x 1m ( if you're using the same fabric, remember to slightly burn the edges so it doesn't undo itself ).
Next, I super-glued the long ends together, overlapping about 2cm.
Now, don't let the glue dry out completely!
When you feel it will hold, start folding the glued portion on top of itself, making a proper seal that can take a beating.
When youve done that, let it dry properly.

Next up, use the safety pins to attach atleast 4 suction cups to one end of the tube (with the seem facing outwards and safety pins attached from the inside) you just created by glueing the fabric. Make sure to make the bond between the fabric and the suction cup as tight as possible with the safety pin.
When you've done that, lock the safety pins by squeezing the end with pliers (I used my Leatherman). Then tightly apply a piece of duct tape over the safety pins.

When your safety pins are duct taped to safety.. Duct tape the seem to make a nice, firm seem that holds its form a bit better.

Next and final stage is to flip the thing inside out, remember to be gentle with it..

I'm sorry I don't have step-to-step photographs, but this is not rocket science.. fortunately.
If you have questions, please ask.. I'll try to reply as soon as I can.

Last, but not least, some photos of the finished project.

DIY Lenskirt attached to a window, with a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 inside it.

DIY Lenskirt with nothing inside it (this is how well it holds its form, because of the super glue + fold + duct tape).

DIY Lenskirt, holding a D7100 + Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 inside.