Thursday, December 29, 2016

Been awhile.. a long time actually.

It's been awhile since the last post in here.
This was due to a couple of things actually.

Firstly, I moved my website to Squarespace for a year to try it out (and the first subscription is -10%, if I'm correct).
Squarespace was and is an awesome platform, but a bit too expensive to me.
So I decided to migrate back to Blogger, which is not as feature packed, but it is free nevertheless.

This year in my photography has been a bit on the quiet side, as I've spent more time switching from smoking to vaping and learning stuff about it.
Currently, it has been 4 months since my last cigarette (after smoking for 20 years).

Nowadays, I can wrap my own coils and wick my atomizers on my own, also I mix my own juices (to keep the cost down). I for one, am very proud of my self.

Anyways, on to photography stuff.

I currently still own the Nikon D600, but I also bought a more compact camera, the Sony RX100 Mark III, which is a capable compact camera with a tilt screen. I take it with me whenever I can't be bothered to carry a heavy DSLR.

How was your christmas? I visited my home town, Salo, Finland with my girlfriend and my dog.
There was the whole family, and a newcomer. My brother had a daughter with his fiance, who had her christening on monday, Boxing Day (26.12.2016).
I was the photographer for the event, my older brother and his better half were the godfather & -mother.

All in all, christmas was fun and loving, as always. This years extra bonus was the newborn baby in the family.

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